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Drugs and celebrities: Tragedies show addiction no solution to stress

Published On: 02-11-2016 in Category: cocaine, drug overdose, substance abuse

drugs and celebrities

Stories of drug overdose by celebrities often baffle us on the probable factors that might be driving them to that level despite their might – fame, influence and money – to get whatever they want. But the fact is that, like common man, they too get trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction.

The year 2016 started with a sad news for the American music industry as Natalie Cole – nine times Grammy award winner – lost her battle to substance abuse. Daughter of the jazz legend Nat King Cole, Natalie died at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles at the age of 65.

The life of Natalie

Born and brought up in an environment which nurtured her musical abilities, Natalie started her career as a singer and won accolades. In 1979, she was awarded her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and her songs were all chart-busters. However, that didn’t last for a long as she hit the bottom of her career during early 1980s due to her struggle with drug addiction.

Before going to the rehab, Natalie had many instances when she nearly died due to overdose of heroin before she quit cold turkey in 1975. Her personal life came to a toss with troubled relationships as she got increasingly inclined towards drug addiction. Natalie then went to a rehab to overcome her cocaine addiction in Minnesota in 1983 and was back to record a megahit of the year 1985.

Even though she was clean after the rehab, the drugs had done more damage than she had thought. Sharing dirty needles gave her hepatitis C and she was diagnosed with liver disease in 2008. Strong medicines damaged her kidneys and Natalie’s kidneys began to fail and she ultimately died on the New Year’s Eve.

Some other celebrities who died of drug abuse

Celebrities like Amanda Peterson and Scott Weiland too faced a similar fate like Natalie, succumbing to their addictions last year. Singer-songwriter Scott Weiland struggled with substance abuse and made his first trip to rehab when he was in high school. But his addiction problem continued, and even landed him in jail for five months in 1999. After a brief stint at a rehab facility in 2008, he rejoined the band and died of a deadly mix of cocaine, ethanol and methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA) in 2015.

Amanda, on the other hand, died of an accidental morphine overdose. She was found dead in her Colorado home in July 2015 at age of 43. Between 2000 and 2012, the actress was arrested numerous times for possessing narcotic equipment, alleged drinking and third degree assault on another woman.

Battling addiction

The United States has been struggling to tame the growing drug menace and government is spending billions to combat the trafficking and abuse of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other illegal narcotics. However, there is still a lot more to do. Even as the commoners look up to them, celebrities often find it difficult to cope with the stress they go through to maintain their position in the society and end up depending on some sort of substance.

Be it a common man or a celebrity, consequences of substance abuse have to be bad. However, timely intervention can still save one from the clutches of addiction and its tragic consequences. There are enough cases to take lessons from and opt for the path of sobriety as soon as possible.

There are also celebrity stories that are testament to a successful second chance in life. If you or someone you love is dealing with an addiction, it’s time to seek expert guidance. Contact the Los Angeles Drug Treatment Rehab Center through online chat or call at 213- 986-2445 for more information about treatments from addictions.

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