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Time to learn lesson from Scott Disick’s overdose incidents

Published On: 04-27-2016 in Category: addiction, recovery, substance abuse


Reality TV star Scott Disick (32), who was hospitalized for drug overdose in January 2016, just three months after attending a rehab program, was recently spotted with Australian model Megan Blake Irwin (21) in New York City.

According to a report on dailymail.co.uk in April 2016, Scott has been enjoying his life after splitting from his girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian last year. The two were in a relationship for nearly a decade and have three children.

Disick and drugs

Disick’s association with drugs and alcohol is not new. He allegedly takes a cocktail of prescription pills with illicit drugs and alcohol; and cocaine, Xanax and Ativan, according to a report published in the UsWeekly in October 2015. He has been in a rehab twice.

But it seems Disick is not able to manage the relapse during the recovery period. For most addicts, be it from a heroin addiction or other substance abuse, long-term recovery can be a life-long process. One of the biggest problems on the path to long-term sobriety is relapse. But one should be careful during relapse or things can get out of control which at times can turn dangerous.

Disick, who was found unconscious at his Los Angeles home, was taken to an emergency room by his bodyguard after an alcohol and drug overdose in January 2016. The guards performed CPR before taking him to the hospital where adrenaline shots were given to revive him.

According to a report published on celebdirtylaundry.com in February 2016, this wasn’t the first incident of overdose. Disick, who calls himself Lord, was taken to hospital on two separate occasions under an assumed name. He was a regular at parties where he took Ecstasy, oxycodone, marijuana, and alcohol. The report said that after one such party, he woke up after 30 minutes while his friends assumed him to be dead.

However, it seems Disick doesn’t realize what he is doing to himself. According to a report published on dailymail.co.uk in March 2016, he defended his rehab visits by saying he was not doing anything wrong. Citing his quote to the People, the report said that he went to the rehab primarily to treat his sleeping pill addiction.

Reportedly, Disick has been suffering from depression after his mother and father expired in October 2013 and January 2014 respectively. The near-death situation in January should be a lesson for everybody to understand that drug and alcohol are not good for health and that one should not take to drugs to get away from depression.

Seeking recovery

People like Disick need to be made aware of the treatment options that may change the course of their life. There are ways to prevent or minimize relapses during and after de-addiction. To overcome addiction, self-discipline and determination are required along with drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

People should understand the underlying causes and approach for de-addiction with the right attitude so that there are fewer cases of relapse. Despite visiting the best rehab centers, one may not get the desired outcome if there is a lack of commitment from the person.

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