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Former Disney channel star Brown’s music video shows his love for drugs

Published On: 04-21-2016 in Category: addiction, Drug


After some unpleasant experiences at the beginning of the year, it looks like former Disney star Orlando Brown (28) is having a good time now with the release of his new music video Fuck My Fame! in April 2016. However, one common thing that can connect the two phases of his life is drugs.

Orlando Brown, best known for his role as Eddie Thomas in Disney show That’s So Raven, appears to inject himself with heroin in the opening sequence of his video. According to an April report on complex.com, Brown “is releasing some truly outrageous music videos that are so bad that they’re entertaining as hell.” In one scene, Brown is also seen guzzling alcohol.

Brown held for drugs

According to an April report on thesource.com, Brown was arrested in January 2016 for “drug possession” with an intention to sell after he was seen arguing with and assaulting his girlfriend near a police station parking lot in Torrance, Los Angeles County. Initially, he refused to leave his vehicle, but later when Brown was taken into custody and taken to jail, he was allegedly found to possess methamphetamine, the report said. His girlfriend was not injured seriously, the police said.

Additionally, he has also been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, obstruction of justice and two felonies, said a TMZ report.

Later, he was bailed out for an undisclosed amount and was asked to appear in the court. Brown has been arrested in the past for other violations. He was arrested for driving under influence in 2013 and 2011 and for marijuana possession in 2007, the TMZ report said.

When a celebrity is suffering from a substance use disorder, people tend to talk more about overdose, addiction, mental state and other related facts. Such cases also make people aware of problems related to drugs. Experts say cases of celebrities getting trapped in addiction show the pressure they undergo, be it personal or professional.

Recovery path

The drug scenario in Los Angeles seems grave with an increase in sale and consumption of drugs. Regular drug busts reflect the growing number of addicts in the society, especially youngsters. People follow and idealize celebrities, who should behave as responsible citizens and should set an example of being sober. They should keep in mind that celebrities play an important role in influencing people, especially when it comes to drugs.

The goal to curb addiction will be achieved to some extent if the sale of drugs in the market is contained. Spreading awareness about dangers of drugs is an important step in helping patients identify and reduce dependence on addictive drugs.

It is not easy for anyone to fight the vicious cycle of addiction, recovery and relapse and going back to square one. If you or someone you love is dependent on drugs and displays increasingly erratic behavior, contact the Los Angeles Drug Treatment and Rehab Center before it grows into an unmanageable problem. Visit us online or call 213-986-2445 for customizable treatment options and available resources in your area.

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